Teen Opportunities

Volunteer Program


By volunteering at JEMs, you will accrue your community service hours which your school may require. We will also be your assessor for Duke of Ed. Logbooks will be signed in the last week of each term, unless your school requires a different interval.


Register your teen in the JEMs Volunteer Program using the button below.


JEMS- 36 Flood St, Bondi


Volunteering at JEMs is your opportunity to make a tangible difference in the life of a child. Whether you are coaching a child, giving them the motivation that only you can as a teen, or simply helping around in the classroom, you will be amazed at the significant difference you make.

Meaningful volunteering opportunities are an offer for teens from both Jewish and non-Jewish schools.

Cultivating a culture of giving back to the community and providing teens with an ability to make a meaningful difference is the motivation for this program.

(Knowing how to read Hebrew is not a prerequisite)


Teens choose one afternoon (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) each week, as their volunteering day and commit for one school term.

Teens arrive to JEMs (36 Flood St, Bondi) between 4:15PM – 4:30PM and volunteer until 5:30 PM.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Aleph Champ – you will be paired with about 2 children to coach them in their Hebrew letter recognition & Hebrew reading. You will be given learning aids, clue sheets and games to enable you to motivate the children and work with them. You will be so proud of your students when they pass a level.
  • Assisting with Year K and Year 1 – you will be placed in a classroom to assist the children with their crafts and activities. The daily program may include leading a game, acting out a story, organizing supplies
  • Additional opportunities – There are many once off volunteering opportunities available from organizing supplies, preparing crafts and the like for the children to volunteering at many events. Let us know your availability and we will find something that suits you.