About Us

JEMs – “Jewish Education Matters" - is a not for profit organization which promotes Judaism and Jewish Education. JEMs was founded by Rabbi Yossi & Rivky Shuchat in 2011 and has grown tremendously since its inception.


Rabbi Yossi and Rivky live by the philosophy expounded by the Lubavitcher Rebbe – that every Jewish soul is a precious gem, and all are entitled to learn and experience our Jewish heritage through positive, warm and meaningful experiences for children – indeed for the whole family. This mission imbues every activity and program conducted by JEMs.


Our flagship program is the after school Jewish Studies and Hebrew lessons that run as part of our accredited After School Care and are attended by more then 350 children. The exponential growth of this program and the need to constantly keep expanding the facilities, and dedicated team of staff and volunteers to cater for the demand is testament to our standards of excellence and professionalism in Jewish education.


Other popular programs include the teen volunteering program, the Bar / Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course, Friday Night Service, Jewish Holiday programs and a range of classes and activities for all ages.


JEMs is a warm community, which allows you to connect with your Judaism in a non-judgmental, exciting and innovative way. You are sure to find many like-minded families when you engage with JEMs.


At JEMs we look forward to getting to know your family and we are happy to be of assistance in any way we can.