New Family

JEMS Enrolment


If  you have enrolled any of your children in JEMs or Camp from January 2018 onwards please click here.

Welcome to the JEMs New Family Registration Page

We are excited to welcome your child(ren) to JEMs!

All new parents: Please read the following instructions before entering the enrolment portal below:

Step 1: You will be asked to create an account

Step 2: Click on the yellow “enrol your child(ren)” button to enrol your child in our system

  • It is a multi child enrolment form (only 1 form needs to be filled in per family)
  • The first time it will take 10-15 min, however it will save all your details for future enrolments, camps, etc
  • We suggest using a tablet or a computer and to avoid using a phone
  • Upon submitting the form you will not be able to go back and make changes, any later changes will need to be sent via email.
  • Please take the time to fill in this form accurately – you will need to fill out all the fields marked with an * to submit this form.

Step 3: Click on “JEMs After School Registration” then choose your child from the drop down and select your preferred day, bus, etc. [this form is short and is required to be filled in separately for each child].

The following info will be needed to complete the “enrol your child(ren) form” form:

  • Medicare #
  • Child’s healthcare provider, address & phone number
  • Medical management plans, court orders (if applicable)
  • CRN (Centrelink reference numbers) for new children only – (if you don’t have one you can submit it at a later time)
  • Credit card or bank account details (for new families)
  • Emergency contacts (other then parents) – anyone authorised to collect your child should be entered in this section
  • We also ask you (though not compulsory) to please upload a photo of your child to help us identify them.

Bus Services will operate from the following schools:

  • Bellevue Hill: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Clovelly: Wednesday
  • Reddam House: Monday
  • Rose Bay: Tuesday & Wednesday 
  • South Coogee: Monday
  • Woollahra: Wednesday
  • Other schools: Please contact us (if we can find 4 children who would like a bus on a particular day from the same school we will do our best to accommodate)


Please note this registration is not confirmed until you receive a personalised confirmation email.

To view our Privacy Policy click here.

As part of step 3 you will be transferred to our live payment page where you will pay the registration fee (for new children only), after which your registration form will be submitted to us.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Rabbi Yossi on 0450-524-770 or Rivky on 0450-424-770 or email