“Enriching the lives of your precious gems”

At JEMs, we recognize each child is unique – a true gem. Our teaching methods aim to engage each child’s distinct method of learning as we give them the tools to engage with their Judaism for a lifetime.


Rather then Judaism being confined to a subject in the classroom, at JEMs we believe that children learn best through experience. Children are given many opportunities both within the JEMs sessions and outside to engage with their Jewish heritage alongside their families.


Learning through play is a key part of our philosophy, as children learn best when they are enjoying the experience. Ultimately, ensuring learning about Judaism and Hebrew is fun is key to it remaining relevant for a lifetime, and beyond for the generations to come.


Recognizing the wide gamut of families who join JEMs, our lessons and activities are designed to be inclusive and respectful to all, creating a non-judgmental environment where children and families can engage with their Judaism at the level they are comfortable with.