Friday Night Service

Jewish Birthday Blessing

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36 Flood Street, Bondi


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Service details

The JEMs Friday night service welcomes all to participate in an engaging and easy to follow service. A special highlight is the participation of the children who lead various parts of the service.

A children’s service for the younger ones takes place during the service times. The participating children are brought in for various parts of the service. Children are also welcome to sit alongside their parents during the service.

The service is designed to be family friendly, taking only an hour from start to finish including the birthday call-ups, candle lighting and the Kiddush / bracha.

The Friday night service brings together families of all affiliations and backgrounds and is open to all. There are no membership requirements.

The Friday night service takes place every 6-8 weeks. Please see our upcoming events page for the date of the next service:

Type of Service

Participants in the service are provided with interlinear transliterated Hebrew prayer books. The interlinear transliterations enable you to follow along with the Hebrew service even if your Hebrew is not up to scratch.

The service is accompanied by short explanations and meditations presented by the Rabbi and interspersed throughout the service.

Children are encouraged to take an active role in the service. JEMs children learn parts of the service in their weekly JEMs sessions and others are encouraged to download the soundtracks to enable everyone to participate in the service.

The service is designed to be engaging yet easy to follow for novices and experts alike.