Jewish Studies

Topics cover a wide range of aspects in Judaism

All age groups begin with ten minutes of Tefillah. The children quickly learn to follow the songs through music sound tracks. Different sections of the prayers are introduced and alternated to give the children familiarity with a broad selection of prayers.


Jewish studies particulars:

Year K children have a Hebrew and Jewish studies integrated session. A new letter is introduced each week

The festivals / Chagim are an integral part of our Year K sessions.

Year 1 children travel through the journey of Jewish History. Using dress up, audio visual aids and creative activities, children are transported to the days of Adam & Eve, Abraham & Sarah, the Egyptian exile and the plagues, culminating with the Jewish people receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai and entering Israel.

Years 2-3 children learn about the Jewish home.

In the Jewish home curriculum, children are taken on a journey through locations within the home, learning about a Mitzvah that pertains to each location . Some examples: at the doormat they learn about inviting guests; in the  parent’s bedroom, a module on  respect for our parents; in the kitchen, about Kosher food and more.

The Jewish home curriculum contains a full color workbook designed with engaging activities.

Each lesson is enhanced by crafts, Audio/ Visual aids, hands-on learning, active games and more.

An alternating curriculum for Years 2-3 is under development.

Years 4-5 children also have a alternating cycle of curricula. The curricula for this age group are currently being redesigned.

Year 6 children are given the opportunity to volunteer with the younger groups as well as continue their Hebrew reading and/or Jewish Studies. Boys can also get a head start in their Bar Mitzvah preparation.

Combined age groups above follow an alternating curriculum cycle, which avoids duplication.

At JEMs, imbuing your children with a love and a passion for Judaism is achieved through innovative approaches that combine learning through play, engaging experiences, service learning and arts and crafts