A primary focus is placed on giving the children the tools needed to read Hebrew fluently. Reading a language is key to becoming comfortable with it. Reading Hebrew will give your child the ability to feel comfortable in Jewish settings such as at a Pesach Seder, Friday Night Kiddush and attending Shule (Synagogue). Hebrew words are interspersed throughout the programs.


Children who enter at Year K will follow the schedule below:

Year K – The children become familiar and learn the letters of the Aleph Bet and create a scrapbook page for each letter. In active play children will place their bodies in the shapes of the letters, in craft they create the letters out of food and other craft materials, and much more.

Year 1 – The children do a review of the letters in term 1. In term 2 the Nekudot (vowels) are introduced. The children become familiar with the vowels through scrapbooking, creative games and workbook pages.

Years 2-6 – JEMs utilizes the Aleph Champ system in use by over 350 centers around the world for this age group, helping to put Hebrew reading into practice. Aleph Champ makes reading fun and allows each child to progress at their own pace.


Aleph Champ shares similarities with the Kumon Math System, where children are initially assessed and started at an appropriate level. Children continue to progress at their own pace aided by many volunteers from the local Jewish day schools who are supported by the JEMs staff.

We are proud to say that the unique Aleph Champ system has become a proven success with our children who have entered at any age.