Bat Mitzvah

Discovery Course

What is the discovery course?


The Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course consists of about 15 sessions that take place over two school terms. The sessions include a variety of classes, hands on experiences, crafts, excursions, mother-daughter time and father-daughter time.

  • The learning sessions include topics such as: The Neshama; making choices; the 3 Mitzvot of a Jewish woman; the workings of the Jewish calendar and your Jewish birthday; an overview of the Chagim and their specific customs, and more. 
  • The excursions include: visiting and singing for the elderly; taking a Kosher tour at Coles; learning how to make Challah dough from scratch with Mum; visiting the Mikvah; candle stick making and more.
  • Special experiences include: a father-daughter fun session; a sleepover Shabbaton; end-of-course excursion and the graduation banquet for the whole family at the end of the year.

The girls spend about 15 minutes on scrapbooking in each session and come home at the end of the course with a beautiful scrapbook containing photos of them at each lesson and their worksheets.

The lessons take place on a Sunday morning beginning at 9:30am, with most sessions concluding by 11:15am. The course is run twice a year – commencing in February and in August. There are no sessions during school holidays, on Jewish holidays or long weekends.

Contact Rabbi Yossi on  0450 542 770 to learn more.