Bar Mitzvah

Ceremony Help

Call Rabbi Yossi on 0450 524 770 to learn more ABOUT ceremony help

Rabbi to Officiate

Rabbi Yossi can officiate or co-officiate your child's Bar Mitzvah at a Shule service should you wish. Rabbi Yossi & Rivky are also happy to officiate at your function provided it is certified as Kosher by the KA.

You are of course welcome to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah at any Shule you are affiliated with. We will also happily help you find a Shule that will suit your family whatever your preference -whether you desire an intimate environment or need to accommodate hundreds of guests.

If you would like Rabbi Yossi or Rivky to attend the service/ceremony/party you are having you will need to provide us with your Ketubah or a parents Ketubah. Rabbi Yossi will help you with this process if needed.

Celebrate in Israel

We have special arrangements with Rabbi’s in Israel who can make your experience both meaningful & special. Whether you would like to read at the Kotel, on top of Massadah at the crack of dawn, or in a shule in the old city of Jerusalem, the possibilities are endless.

The occasion can be further enhanced by celebrating the meal at a soup kitchen and sponsoring their lunch, helping to pack food for the needy in Jerusalem, the Bar Mitzvah boy leading the family on a tour of the Kotel tunnels or even a twinning program that will enable your family to celebrate together with an orphan or a terrorist victim.

Many of the options above are surprisingly very cost effective.

The cost for the Rabbi’s services in Israel is $360 USD, he will happily help you co-ordinate your special day and tailor the day to meet your family’s needs.