Bus Service

Bus Service Details

JEMs offers an optional bus service from certain schools, to bring children to JEMs. This optional service is offered to assist working parents and others who may gain benefit from it. The cost for the bus service is $60 per term.

You will have the opportunity of choosing the bus service, when completing the JEMs registration form.

Serviced Schools:

Rose Bay Public School on a Wednesday & a Thursday afternoon

Bellevue Hill Public School on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

South Coogee Public on a Monday

Reddam House on a Monday

Woollahra Public School on a Wednesday

We are looking into establishing services from other schools where there is sufficient interest to make it financially viable, generally we need 3/4 children to begin a service.



Parents choosing the bus from Rose Bay or Bellevue hill ONLY have the option to partake in a roster to assist the JEMs staff to bring the children from the meeting area in their school to the bus. Each parent can expect to be rostered on duty up to 4 times a year i.e. once per term. If you cannot take part in a roster you will have the option of paying $30 per term (per family) in lieu of roster. Parents from other schools will not need to participate in a roster.